Friday, August 11, 2006 Blackberry...*


I hate my Blackberry. Inevitably, moments before I reach a nirvana-like state of calm I am disturbed by the annoying waspy buzzing sound that is like a siren song from my 9 to 5 (more accurately my 8 to 6, 7, or 8ish).

The only escape from urgent emails, stupid forwarded jokes and chain letters, and spam is going out of range. Unfortunately for me, Cingular's coverage area is immense. My options for getting away from it all is limited to third world countries (my future vacation list reads like a missionary's itinerary) or underground vaults.

"Just turn it off!", you may say. That advice is easier said than taken. The few times I have turned off my Blackberry I have been the recipient of a message from my boss's boss's boss. It's strange how you're never really needed until you're unavailable.

*Song by The Black Crowes (Note: I hate this song almost as much as I hate my Blackberry.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

too much hate my dear, sounds like one of those vacations should be reserved sooner rather than later.

1:56 PM  
Blogger kapgar said...

The Chicago Hilton and Towers offers lock up for Crackberries. They will store them in their safety deposit boxes and not let you have it back until the end of your designated vacation period. Send it to me and I'll tell them you're on vacation until next year. Let me know.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Johnny C. said...

My bosses have my number, but rarely call me. Not to mention, I don't have to answer when they call either.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

I still don't have one of those, but I live in fear of the day they make them waterproof.

5:06 PM  
Blogger inkyhack said...

I disabled text messaging on my phone. I tell folks that if something is so important that they need my immediate attention, then they need to call me personally. All other matters can be e-mailed to me which I will respond to when I have time.

3:43 AM  
Blogger Dale said...

Blackberry singing in the dead of night.....

8:31 AM  
Blogger Southern (in)Sanity said...

My company recently required me to get one of these doggone things - and I hate it too.

Is it not enough that I had a cell phone and could be reached nearly 24 hours a day? Now I need to be able to respond to work-related e-mail after hours and on weekends?

These things are the devil's creation.

11:29 AM  

My life has changed for the better since I gave up:

2 x Blackberries (not joking)
1 x work mobile phone
2 x ways of accessing work email remotely
1 x boss who thought it was a good idea to call me at 7.15am, 10pm or 8am on Sunday mornings
1 x job.

Oh yeah. That's it. Working's rubbish. And so is all the stuff that comes with working.


7:01 AM  
Blogger Sweet and Salty said...

I've been given one for work so I'm familiar with what you're going through. Mine vibrates constantly, being in tech support.

10:47 AM  

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