Wednesday, July 05, 2006 4th of July...*

4th of July...*

This weekend marked the first July 4th weekend I have spent at home in my adult life. It feels odd to wake up on a weekday and not go to work.

Among the many upsides of July 4th at home is that I have had time to tackle the many items on my ever pending to-do-list, enjoy some good clean fun, and celebrate my own independence from some negative influences in my life that have weighed me down for too long.

Over the weekend I had the most alcohol-free fun I have had since I was 10 years old. Saturday was the day of "special" pool Olympics. Me and two of my friends spent hours in the pool competing in such events as gliding contests, the one leg propulsion event, underwater handstand racing, and (by far the most amusing event) touching your foot to your head. I discovered my slowest walking and driving friend is actually quite swift in the water (a skill which prompted the suggestion that she swim everywhere in lieu of walking) and my least graceful friend is freakishly flexible (and able to put her foot over her head). I apparently excel in games of hopping. Who knew I had such a great vertical?

Sunday was the day when my kitchen again became semi-usable. I was able to relocate my stores of canned goods and enough dishes to supply a restaurant to their rightful place in the new cabinets. It feels good to kind of have my home back...Now that the dining room and guest room are cleared I can pretend that the kitchen is finished.

July 4th festivities were fun in a distinctly Southern way. I participated in conversations ranging from Goth Disney character costumes for Dragon Con, bellydancing, and the trading of recipes for such mayonnaise laden Southern delights as broccoli salad and deviled eggs. All this talk was interrupted by rousing games of water volleyball (with three generations of players, Grandpa Bob can kick ass in the water), horseshoes, and what I thought was a bratwurst eating contest, but was actually only a few ravenous guys with barbaric table manners. The evening ended by setting off an armory full of fireworks, surprisingly no one was maimed and only a few surface burns were sustained.

Conclusion: I should stay in town more often!

*Song by Soundgarden


Blogger RC said...

sounds like a great 4th of july.

--RC of

6:05 PM  
Blogger 2complx said...

pool olympics I love it! leg over the head always been a fan of that talent. I can not master that.

1:42 PM  

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