Wednesday, May 31, 2006 I left my health in San Francisco...

I left my health in San Francisco...

I have never enjoyed myself in San Francisco. It’s odd, the city has all of the things I enjoy most; eclectic people and places, a plethora of great bookstores, the best Chinese food outside of Hong Kong, and it’s pedestrian friendly. Somehow, every time I go to San Francisco I come back with some kind of horrible ailment and an unreasonable amount of happiness that I live in Atlanta.

A brief synopsis of my trip

Friday: arrival- lunch – food poisoning
Saturday: Cody’s Bookstore – pit stop at Tiffany and Co. – tumble off a curb and into the street resulting in a bruised and bloody kneecap
Sunday: Buddhist wedding – step throat and sinus infection – departure

After spending all day in bed on Monday, I called in sick for the first time since 2001 because I could not physically stand up. After a penicillin shot and an outrageous dose of Omnicef I am once again among the upright. My body apparently loves the steamy humidity and searing heat of Atlanta. I have decided to avoid travel to places where the temperature is less than 80 degrees for the next few months.


Blogger kapgar said...

Well, Katie and I have been there twice and love it. Despite the fact that a rift occurred there between us and my parents that still isn't entirely healed. No injuries or illnesses, though. If it wasn't so damned expensive, I'd move there in a heartbeat.

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