Friday, June 02, 2006 Stifling Domesticity

Stifling Domesticity

Boredom is a dangerous emotion. I feel trapped in slow motion. I keep having dreams of flying. In my waking life my wings are clipped. Is this what getting older is about? Do we make our own cages of relationships, responsibilities, and obligations? When I was younger and I felt trapped I would jump in the car and take off. I would drive, listening to loud music, my windows open, Dunhill in hand, without a destination and only stop when I was so exhausted that I started hallucinating. Now I drive, listening to loud music, with the windows rolled up and the AC turned on so I won't muss my hair or irritate my allergies, to the dry cleaners, the grocery, the vet, the bank...the journey of mediocrity.

"When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire." - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars


Blogger A said...

I also had a thing for Dunhills and Gauloise. Ever roll your own? Went through a ponytail, pseudo-European thing in college...I shiver at the thought.

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