Tuesday, May 09, 2006 What I said versus What I Thought

What I said versus What I Thought

The many things that a smile can hide....in this picture I was saying..
Are you ready Ms. DMV photographer?
I was thinking...
What horrible crime could you possibly have committed to be sentenced to working at the DMV?

I have noticed lately that what I say and what I actually think have a correlation. For example.

What I said is...
You look happy!
What I thought is...
You look FAT!

What I said is...
You're baby is soooo sweet!
What I thought is...
Your baby is so NOT CUTE!

What I said is...
I bet you had a lot of fun! (In reference to other's descriptions of dates, weekends, trips, etc.)
What I thought is...
I'm glad my life isn't as empty and boring as yours.


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