Monday, May 08, 2006 I am living like a Parisian peasant

I am living like a Parisian peasant

A bit of background....
I grew up in an upper-middle class family. My parents are still married. I had a dog, a pool, every color of Ralph Lauren oxford made (with matching socks), and have always been given Volvos to drive.
Now I'm lower upper-middle class. I still have all the oxfords I can wear, a dog, and a Volvo, but no pool. Due to my aspirations to make our formerly two bedroom/one bath house (with a kitchen that has not been updated since the 1940s, into a modern three bedroom/two bath with an open (modern) kitchen, I am now living in a construction zone. There is dust in the air, we are confined to only two rooms of our house, and our Irishwolfhound mix has turned into a dustmop.

Now that the background is out of the way...

Over the weekend I was reading The Drinking Den (also known as L'Assommoir Emile Zola . The Drinking Den is part of the Les Rougon Macquart series that explores the squalid conditions of the lives of the Parisian working class during the late 1800s. In the book Gervaise and her husband Coupeau slowly but surely sink into a mire of drink and sloth because of their alcoholism. Obviously, I have nothing in common with the characters in the book. Despite the facts, I still found myself comparing my home under construction with their hovel in the tenements. I even drank a bit of muscadine for solidarity.


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