Thursday, May 18, 2006 Happy Birthday Principe de Tristeza!

Happy Birthday Principe de Tristeza!

I am vain enough to believe that the birthday boy (Principe de Tristeza) will read this today, perhaps not so much out of curiousity concerning my daily thoughts, but to see if he is mentioned (or because I email him and say, "LOOK AT MY BLOG, you're on it". People love seeing a tribute to themselves in print! Below is my birthday note to PdT, it can apply to most people's lives.

Dear PdT,

You are not so old and you have accomplished so much. You are a professional. You are self-sufficient. You are living back in the place that you love. Despite your newly elevated age, you are still the hippest of the hipsters! You would never disgrace yourself by doing any of the following.
1. Wearing tight jeans, a wife beater, and a blazer together
2. Proclaiming that "Float On" is the BEST Modest Mouse song and bragging that you saw them on The O.C. (
3. Going to a club owned by Gloria Estefan or frequented by Ricky Martin

Happy birthday, you bring laughter, knowledge and light to so many people. If it weren't for your influence during my college years I would probably still be listening to Phish and Widespread Panic, have dirty hair, and make my own clothing.


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